1955 Chevy


We completely built this 1955 Chevy from the frame up. The customer contacted us about doing the interior on this car so we went to the painter to look at it. The car was basically just a body on a chassis.  He told us that several shops had worked on the car and had done a lot of metal fab and installed a roll bar. The front and rear suspension was on the car so it could roll but that was about it. He explained he didn't have a shop to build the car and asked if we were interested . We have done similar projects in the past but I wasn't sure I wanted to tackle another.  After calling us everyday for a couple weeks  we finally agreed to build the car for him. The body was on an Art Morrison chassis and the work done was top notch.  We built this car with a Shafiroff 582 big block mated to a six speed transmission. We fabricated  all the underhood sheet metal and pretty much put every nut and bolt on this car. We added a full Ride Tech air system front and rear. We also installed power windows, A/C and a full stereo system. The list goes on and on. We made the forward tilt hood and fabricated the sheet metal under the hood and of course a full custom interior.