Dave and Joyce Emory's 1932 Ford


We designed and built this interior for Dave and Joyce Emory. Eric Brockmeyer Design did the renderings for us. This car debuted at the 2012 Detriot Autorama and was a great eight winner and a strong contender for the Ridler award. We handmade everything in the interior except the gauges, steering column and steering wheel.  Each piece of the interior was fabricated in fiberglass and they all fit together perfectly with no visible screws or hardware showing.  Then everything was painstakingly smoothed and painted by Phil Salusbury who also painted the entire car. The paint work on this hot rod is some on the finest work I've ever seen.  The  interior molding and parts were made in-house on our CNC. After the machining was complete they moldings were hand shaped over wood bucks we made to fit the contours of the  interior pieces. Each piece was then highly polished and chromed plated . 

This beautiful car is being offered for sale at www.32revolver.com